Picture perfect & beauty standards

In today's world, filters, photoshop, and body shaming rule the social media landscape. We hope to change the images we all see on social media and the media. Through this video campaign, we Fashom aims to showcase that all bodies are beautiful and promote acceptance for all people, body types, and forms of beauty. Join... Continue Reading →

Young woman was accused of photoshoping her friend to look bigger

Hi Fashom world, I am so sure that everyone has good friends, and you would like to spend time together, taking photos and uploading them to social media. That’s what Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs did. But Georgia Gibbs’ photo went viral and she was accused of photo shopping her friend to look bigger. However,... Continue Reading →

Truth behind the Photos we see

Instagram has become a mecca for people to flaunt and market their fitness routines and bodies. These accounts are great to get workout ideas, inspiration, and motivation. However, one negative side effect has resulted from these accounts: a false sense of reality and body image. Anna Victoria is a fitness goddess. Her Instagram is comprised... Continue Reading →

Non-Conforming & un-photoshoped images displayed in Cosmo India

Fashion magazines are known for pages full of photoshopped models wearing the latest trends from the runway. We at Fashom support the message of non-conforming & no photoshop images on social media & magazines. We were so excited to learn that in Cosmopolitan India's November issue highlighted women sharing their "imperfections" but to us, these women look amazing! Abhina Aher, transgender... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the photoshop

One of the biggest “trends” in the world is photoshop and retouching. It has completely dropped girls confidence and made people look at supermodels completely different. At Fashom we promote no filter and being able to be #BetterAsIAm. Just recently a Victoria’s Secret anonymous photoshopper came out and said all the secrets that really happen... Continue Reading →

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