Self-love wins: Plus Size Models

What is your size? Are you confident?? Some girls are super confident, who wears size 16 clothes. Who are they?? They are the models for all plus size girls and full of confidence. Let us get to know those girls and get inspiration from them 1. Naomi Shimada Naomi is a half Japanese model... Continue Reading →

Self-Image in Fashion

In today’s world, the over-saturation of the media has led to impossibly high standards for body image. Instagram bathing suit pictures, models on the covers of magazines, brands’ depictions of their “it girls or boys,” and countless other examples of the sorts have set the bar for what we, as a society, consider to be... Continue Reading →

Body Positive move to show that you can love your thighs no matter the size.

Hi fashom world, We would like to share a story of a girl with you. Brittany Gibbons was afraid to show others her thighs that she pretended her period during swimming classes and wore jeans the whole summer when she was young, because she received many bad malicious words about her thighs. And she felt... Continue Reading →

SheRea “I am privileged to inspire women around the world and touching their lives even without ever meeting them. There is so much power in that.”

  Meet SheRea, A Thrifty Fashionista   FASHOM: What do you do for a living? SheRea: just earned my Master’s degree in May so I am currently in the process of securing full-time employment. In the meantime, I work as a marketing coordinator for Geenie Box and I am a full-time blogger. FASHOM: What's your... Continue Reading →

How to combat negative body image talk

Let's get real here, Everybody has bad days where he or she does not feel so great about their bodies for one reason or another. The fat shaming or negative body talk can come from  you talking about yourself or someone shaming another person. We at Fashom want to help you to feel more confident in... Continue Reading →

Truth behind the Photos we see

Instagram has become a mecca for people to flaunt and market their fitness routines and bodies. These accounts are great to get workout ideas, inspiration, and motivation. However, one negative side effect has resulted from these accounts: a false sense of reality and body image. Anna Victoria is a fitness goddess. Her Instagram is comprised... Continue Reading →

Body positive move by Self Magazine

Self magazine will be going digital only after their February 2017 issue.  Amazing & body positive activist Iskra Lawrence will grace the cover of their final print issue. We at Fashom could not be happier to see the magazine's print issue end on a  body confident note. Being self magazine's cover girl is just one more thing to add... Continue Reading →

The best of body image

Hey, Fashom world! We are all excited to jump head first right into 2017, there are still some amazing things to look back on. We are going to go back and go over the 7 body positivity greatness that happened this past year. This is something we need to take with us into the new... Continue Reading →

Iskra Lawrence

We know it sometimes can be hard to love every piece of your body inside and out. But loving yourself is what should come first before you can love anything else. Feeling confidence in your own skin and showing the world your true beauty is what Fashom is all about. Model Iskra Lawrence told the... Continue Reading →

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